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Air Treatment



Adicomp proposes another range of dryers aimed at reducing energy consumption thanks to the reliability of the drying module and the limited pressure drops.
High quality refrigeration dryers DRM, DR, DRC, DRH series with pressurised dew point temperature 3°C and 5°C and inlet temperature up to 70°C up to 12.000 mc/h.
The adsorption dryers consist of two columns filled with mineral materials, zeolites, with special hygroscopic features.
The operating cycle consists of two phases: adsorption and desorption. In the first phase, the zeolites capture a large quantity of aqueous vapour in their crystalline structure. In the next phase humidity is released by the regeneration of the drying material.
Adsorption dryers TCD and DAE seires with pressurised dew point temperature -40°C up to 600 mc/h, oilless available as well.


Air filters have been introduced to guarantee a constant and appropriate level of purity during the entire air treatment cycle by removing solid particles, dust, water, oil and odours from compressed air in the various industrial applications.
A complete range of industrial filters, the ANF range for pressures up to 16 bar and the AHF range for high pressure up to 50 bar.
These filters are made of extremely resistant aluminium and the containers are painted with a special powder resistant to corrosion and abrasions.
The type of filter and cartridge are determined by the flow rate, the type of compressed air and the level of purity required.
Differential pressure gauges, condensate drainers and oil-water separators complete the range.


The tanks are available in horizontal epoxy powder painted versions (only for standard conditions) and upright versions, again with painted finish or hot-dipped galvanised according to requirements.
Kits are coupled to the tanks according to the type, including safety pressure valve, pressure gauge, manual discharge valve and pressure gauge carrier flange.
These ranges include tanks with capacities ranging from 50 l to 5000 l, up to 48 bar, and refer to standards EC 105/2009, EC 87/400 and EC 97/23 PED.