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The new line of two stage air compressor stations for P.E.T is perfect in its usefulness, flexibility and convenience for all the appli- cations where pressures up to 45 bar are required.
Adicomp is permanently working to improve its own products but ADIPET is really the result of the experience acquired in many years with several units working all over the world.
These compressor stations are appropriate for the compression of air and also gas like nitrogen, argon, methane etc.
High efficiency and low energy consumption combined with high reliability make these stations a perfect choice for those who want to respect the environment and get a simple innovative design. Low costs of the maintenance, noiselessness, high safety of the screws air end make ADIPET a package superior to all the piston machines of the old generation that require more complicated maintenance and operation costs.
SS (INV) with variable speed Equipped with an inverter that permits to obtain the maximum energy saving.
The VSD technology (Variable Speed Drive) controls the air or gas production adapt- ing the speed in according to the demand. This system allow to keep a lower operating pressure and in this way beside the propor- tional control of the production permits to minimize the energy consumption and its relative costs.
The energy constitutes up to 70% of all expenses related to the working life of the compressor.
The compressed air production can consti- tute more than 40% of the total cost of pow- er used to feed distribution line of a factory. The fluctuation of the air need depending on the hours of the day or of the week can change from 40 to 80%.
Thanks to the VSD technology these ex- penses can be controlled and minimized.

Main Data

Up to 132 KW Power
Up to 40 bar Pressure
Up to 10000 l/min Flow Rate
Model F.A.D. @max pressure (m3/h) Pumping unit type Discharge pressure (bar min/max) Power (Kw/HP) Inlet volume (m3/h)
SS55-40HGRB 240 13G/SB80 20-40 55/75 240
SS75-40HGRB 350 13G/SB80 20-40 75/100 350
SS90-40DGRB 420 14G/SB80 30-40 90/125 420
SS110-40DGRB 540 14G/SB80 30-40 110/150 540
SS132-40DGRB 600 14G/SB80 30-40 132/160 600