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This two stage line is appropriate for compressing of air and/or gases and it is a per- fect combination of the traditional systems used to produce compressed air up to 40 bar and the advanced technologies that make this package the leader of its sector. Like their antagonists “SS” stations the “SP” are appropriate for the compression of air and gases like nitrogen, argon, methane etc. and are the perfect answer for the applications where these gas are required dried and “oil free”.
Their capacity can reach up to 370 m3/h, they consist of a rotary screw block directly coupled to the common electric motor that transmits the motion to a piston booster with a belt driver. A final air cooler cooled by a separate electric fan, an important centrifugal condensate separator that acts also as a pulsation absorber and a final high pres- sure cooler.
These are just some of the peculiarities of this fantastic line. Its high reliability and low operating costs are possible also due to the electronic panel that controls their operation.
Noiselessness, high reliability of the first stage screw block and of the second stage pistons booster make Adipet “SP” a package having no rivals in its technical characteristics, easy to install and safe.

Main Data

Up to 75 KW Power
Up to 40 bar Pressure
Up to 4750 l/min Flow Rate
Model F.A.D. @max pressure (m3/h) Pumping unit type Discharge pressure (bar min/max) Power (Kw/HP)
SP18-35CGS2B 70 10G/PB51/3 20-40 18,5/25
SP22-35CGS2B 95 10G/PB51/3 20-40 22/30
SP30-35CGS2B 127 10G/PB51/3 20-40 30/40
SP37-35CGS2B 160 10G/PB65/2 20-40 37/50
SP45-40HGS1B 190 10G/PB65/2 20-40 45/60
SP55-40HGS1B 210 10G/PB65/2 20-40 55/75