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Venezia Screw air compressors belt driven

The VENEZIA compression control units are designed for intensive use and are characterised by their high efficiency. Compact and silent, they are suitable for use in harsh environments and in the most diverse industrial contexts.

The range is available in a wide range of powers, both with fixed and variable speed by means of an inverter.


The use of the latest generation screw compression units makes the VENEZIA compressors extremely versatile and suitable for all compressed air demands at different operating pressures.

Entirely designed and made in Italy, their sturdy construction allows them to operate continuously even in extreme climatic conditions.

Main Data

Up to 45 KW Power
Up to 13 bar Pressure
Up to 7370 l/min Flow Rate

Technical characteristics

Model Power Kw - hp Maximum pressure (bar) Maximum pressure (psi) Free air delivery Model without inverter l/min Free air delivery Model without inverter m3/h Free air delivery Model with inverter l/min Free air delivery Model with inverter m3/h Noise level dB (A) Weight Kg Dimensions cm
VENEZIA 15-08B 15 - 20 8 116 2430 146 1.390/2.360 84/142 64 488 - 494 152x99x136
VENEZIA 15-10B 15 - 20 10 145 2090 126 1.390/2.000 84/120 64 488 - 494 152x99x136
VENEZIA 15-13B 15 - 20 13 188 1600 96 1.390/1.690 84/101 64 488 - 494 152x99x136
VENEZIA 18.5-08B 18.5 - 25 8 116 2780 167 1.390/2.780 84/167 66 502 - 508 152x99x136
VENEZIA 18.5-10B 18.5 - 25 10 145 2500 151 1.390/2.500 84/151 66 502 - 508 152x99x136
VENEZIA 18.5-13B 18.5 - 25 13 188 2050 123 1.390/2.500 84/123 66 502 - 508 152x99x136


The VENEZIA series compressors are available in a wide range of powers (from 15 to 45 kW) and pressures (8, 10 and 13 bar. On request, up to a maximum of 15 bar). Depending on the configuration and whether the inverter is present or not, the air delivery ranges from 1.390 to 7.370 l/min. The compressors can be configured in fixed or variable speed version, or with variable speed inverter (INV).
Thanks to the use of highly efficient electric motors, the Onair compressors minimise energy consumption. The noise level of the machine is also low, thanks to a careful study of the cabin ergonomics and the use of a new type of radial electric fans.
The compact design of the VENEZIA compressors makes installation quick and easy. In fact, simply connect the machine to the power and pneumatic line and the compressor is immediately operational. Routine maintenance is easy, since all the internal mechanical parts can be easily accessed and inspected.
The panel at the base and the compact dimensions of the VENEZIA compression control units make it possible to easily lift and transport them using a forklift or pallet truck.
The controller installed on the VENEZIA compressors is used to view and set the main operating parameters of the machine both via the integrated keypad and remotely, simply by connecting the compressor to a PC. The graphic interface of this electronic board makes it possible to immediately view alarms, operation notifications and all information on maintenance.
The board is designed to control up to 4 compressors in “master-slave” mode. By using a plug&play, wi-fi or cable configuration, it is also possible to control the compressor remotely by simply using a PC or tablet, thus considerably reducing the intervention times and costs.